The Fox Is A Lion by O.H. Morson


Fox Is A Lion Zulu Warrior
Zulu Warrior
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The Fox Is A Lion by O.H. Morson

This novel was inspired by a colleague who was mocking the Oliver Twist statement “Please, sir, I want some more”, saying it couldn’t happen in western society today. As a child, Miles Taylor received a caning on two separate incidents for making that same statement at a Migrant Orphanage and the local school.

The Story:

MILES TAYLOR was one of those English waifs sent away after World War 2 to an orphanage in a foreign country, Australia. This story is about his childhood wish to escape and be with his parents who were 12,000 miles away.
Strong willed Miles’ heroic stand for the rights of his classmates gets him mercilessly punished by a brutal headmaster. The action leads him to make a split second decision to runaway from the Australian migrant orphanage to find his father deep in the goldmines of Africa.
With only his fox like wit, 11 year old Miles avoids a massive police hunt through the Australian outback by stowing away on a luxury ocean liner bound for Africa.
Facing overwhelming odds, this underdog kid navigates 1950’s high society, Zulu warrior clans, and wild animals. This epic adventure spanning two continents transforms our hero from a scared little boy to a Zulu warrior with the heart of a lion.

The author:

The author, Osran Morson, is determined to live adventures, both live and in novels. Osran has traveled the world and experienced the good and bad worlds of living, from the levels of no food, to having more than he needs and back again to near poverty. The experiences have given him skills to notice how people react to life and how to write about them in novels to have a written adventure.

The Fox Is A Lion by O.H. Morson
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The Fox Is A Lion by O.H. Morson

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